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Watching and Writing From the Inside

You gotta step up to the page!

What to say. I'm far too serious for my own good, but love nothing more than a good laugh. I enjoy discussing well written fan-fic, but have been known to talk about other things, too. In terms of fandom, I tend towards monogomy, which in this case, is Supernatural. Before that it was Dark Shadows. Before that it was The Professsionals.

I'm seriously overwhelmed by LJ on account of it's so huge. I'm still figuring out how to friend, how to filter, and how not to be so damn serious all the time! There are so many cool and intelligent people out there, and hooking up with them is a kick in the pants.

I've got stories on the backburner, like around 10, and it's not that I'm shy, it's a time thing.

If you want to friend me, go ahead, I'll friend you back; it's a nice way to meet people. If you need to unfriend, go ahead, I'm not going to take it personally. If you want to discuss something offline, please feel free to email me.