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Watching and Writing From the Inside
You gotta step up to the page!
Supernatural Episode Review: The Slice Girls 
7th-Feb-2012 07:11 am
Half Dean
My review of the Supernatural episode, "The Slice Girls," is up at pinkraygun.com. Enjoy!

An excerpt:

"And, for the record, Dean is a bottom. When he had sex with Cassie, he bottomed. When had sex with the angel (which still gives me hives), he might have been on top, but he still bottomed. (I mean, hello? Angel?) And this time around, yeah, he starts out bottoming, and probably ended up that way as well. I mean look at his face during the sex scene, for crying out loud. He comes across as being all of 16 years old and certainly not in charge of what’s going on. Oh sure, you can argue that he’s a tender soul and wants the woman to feel safe and comfortable, but believe you me, any woman who goes to bed with a man who she does not know does not have any issues about safety. Dean’s a bottom, and that’s all there is to it."

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