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Watching and Writing From the Inside
You gotta step up to the page!
Click One Time to tell Obama to Veto PIPA and SOPA 
18th-Jan-2012 05:55 pm
Half Dean
It only takes one click to sign an online petition to tell Obama that we want him to Veto this stupid SOPA and PIPA bill:

I took this from demandprogress.org.

Today has been amazing, but there's one thing that could completely stop SOPA and PIPA in their tracks:

President Obama has expressed concerns about the bills, but hasn't pledged to veto them.

Please click here to urge President Obama to promise to veto SOPA and PIPA.

There's enough opposition to these bills now that even if they pass, the won't be able to overcome a veto.

A promise to veto the bills will force opponents into a full retreat, and be the perfect way to cap off this week's protests.  

We'd be able to declare a victory for the Net, free speech, and democracy.

Please click here to urge President Obama to promise to veto SOPA and PIPA.

Thank you!  It's extraordinary: After more than a year of fighting, we're on the verge of winning this thing.

-Demand Progress

PS: Pease use these links or forward this email to share the petition with your friends:

 If you're already on Facebookclick here to share with your friends.

If you're already on Twitter, click here to tweet about the campaign: Tweet

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19th-Jan-2012 05:41 am (UTC)
Thank you!
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