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Watching and Writing From the Inside
You gotta step up to the page!
Supernatural Episode Review: Time After Time 
17th-Jan-2012 08:01 am
Half Dean
My review for the Supernatural episode "Time After Time" is up at pinkraygun.com. Enjoy!

An excerpt:

"So here’s where I start to complain, you can stop reading now if you like. To anyone who reads my reviews, you already know what the complaint is, and that is the fact that Sam and Dean were separated for most of the ep. And not only that, but Dean gets to Time Travel, while Sam is forced to stay in the Grotty Squat on his own, and struggle to find Dean in amidst the strings and vibrations of the past. Why is it that Dean gets the spotlight, and has all the fun of meeting Eliot Ness, while Sam must stay at home (in the present) and never gets to go anywhere cool? And if the boys are apart, they can’t be seen relating to each other, which is the reason I started watching Show in the first place. I will continue to complain until I get my way."

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