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Watching and Writing From the Inside
You gotta step up to the page!
Supernatural Episode Review: Adventures in Babysitting 
10th-Jan-2012 06:04 pm
Half Dean
My review for the Supernatural episode "Adventures in Babysitting" is up at pinkraygun.com. Enjoy!

An excerpt:

"Maybe Sam’s incompetence is to demonstrate how helpless he is without Bobby doing his research, but then, we already know that. Maybe it’s to demonstrate how helpless he is without Brother Dean, but then we already knew THAT too. So why does Show insist on this scenario over and over? Not that I mind the sight of Sam all tied up and ready to be sacrificed, but as big and as smart as he is, it sometimes gets a little silly to see him fail like that. Seems to me, at this point in Sam’s development, Show could be a bit more inventive and take risks with what Sam’s capable of. Oh, but this is Show, I forgot. Home of the insecure writer." This entry was originally posted at http://sylvia-bond.dreamwidth.org/69295.html.
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